Aerial Inspection Brisbane

HexFlix are the experts in Aerial Inspection, Aerial Thermal Imaging, Aerial Telephoto Lense Capability, and Aerial RGB Imagery

HexFlix is a CASA Certified Aerial and Drone Company specializing in Drone Inspection in Brisbane. Our professionals have the latest in state of the art technology, and deliver elevated service with ultimate accuracy. We use highly developed safety procedures which further reduces the risk involved in traditional survey and inspection methods. Companies who want to achieve outstanding inspection results can contact us directly for further inquiry.

Aerial Themal Inspection; HexFlix provides aerial thermal imaging services for asset inspection using professional radiometric thermal cameras and state of the art drone aircraft. Building Inspections, Industrial and Mine Site Inspection, Power distribution inspection, solar panel inspection, and many more.

Aerial RGB Imagery is deployed in combination with thermal imaging to provide up to the minute photographs to assist site managers in making informed decisions on the fly. Both Thermal Imagery and RGB Imagery can be captured at the same time using our state of the art Thermal Inspection and RGB Imagery aircraft.

Aerial Thermal Inspection Brisbane

Drone Inspection Brisbane | Aerial Thermal Imaging Inspection Brisbane

Aerial Telephoto Lense Inspection Brisbane

Drone Inspection | Aerial Telephoto Lense Inspection Imagery

Aerial RGB Inspection Imagery Brisbane

Drone Inspection | Aerial RGB Inspection Imagery Brisbane
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Why use Aerial Inspections?

Aerial Inspection is helping site managers make better decisions than ever before. No longer are companies required to send personnel into dangerous situations to assess sites and equipment. Drones can be sent into hazardous scenarios to inspect problems and provide solutions faster and more cost effectively than traditional methods. It has never been easier to gather important intelligence on bridges, buildings, telecommunications towers, power transmission lines, power plants, and solar panels. Aerial Inspection does it faster, safer and more affordably and gathers more intelligence in a single Aerial Inspection than a team of people could gather in a week. With advanced aerial sensors such as thermal and telephoto lenses, you have the world at your fingertips. Call us about an Aerial Inspection or Drone Inspection in Brisbane today.

HEXFLIX Aerial Drone Inspection Thermal Imagery RGB Imagery Brisbane
HEXFLIX Aerial Drone Inspection Thermal Imagery RGB Imagery Brisbane